Riding by the self-posture of the horse           Riding by the self-posture of the horse                      
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TRAINING PERIODS and particular riding lessons "INTERNET" by Jean-Yves Le Guillou



An original method to educate the horses : Riding by self-posture of the horse

The teaching by Internet

The courses by Internet are a rewrite, in modernized and enlarged form, of a course given in Quebec with the help of photocopied texts and instructions, advices, questions, answers, done by fax, between the years 1989 and 1993.

The exchange of views between the horseman and his students has been very fruitful. They allowed, among other things, to finalize the methods. Some students got remarkable results, results noticed by the horseman during his trips.

The technology has been completely changed with CD and Internet, and the dialog, with the new offered formula, is infinitely easier.

Some of you have been disappointed by training periods. We have to say that the three partners are in a difficult situation:

  • The horse, often moved, his disconcerted by the loss of his customary environment.
  • The rider has to summit herself (himself) quickly, instantaneously, to a new teaching (preferably new).
  • The teacher has to convince, instantaneously, his two partners.

The teaching by CD is quite possible. Possibly, it gives to the training periods, a great usefulness, thanks to a preparatory work. The only problem we encounter, is to overcome the prejudice of those who think that the "Teaching by Internet" is not possible. But nevertheless, the monitoring of these courses by Internet, is in quantity, in quality, and in adaptability to the horse, to the rider, higher than what is offered in any kind of equitation.

Methodology of the "Teaching by Internet"

The rider, who has lessons by Internet, corresponding to one of the CD :

  • Studies the method.
  • Practices some exercises, in accordance with the first instructions or in accordance with his specific needs.
  • Notices the reactions of his horse.
  • Asks all questions, all advices she (he) wants, as often the need arises, during periods of one month.

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